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Fiat Doblo - Video tutorial

Model: Fiat Doblo Doblo 2, 263, MK 2 - Years 2009-2021
Part: Oil pan
Operation: Reset maintenance on Fiat Doblo

Turn off the service warning light on Fiat Doblo? Let's see how to do it. We enter the car body and turn on the instrument panel with the button next to the steering wheel of the car. We press the accelerator pedal firmly with our foot, then, we press the brake pedal 8 times, we turn off the instrument panel. We turn the instrument panel back on and wait for it to light up (let go of the accelerator pedal. Finally, we check the changes made to the car. Always remember to make changes to the on-board computer with the vehicle stopped and off. the spy try again.

Posted on 2 December 2023 by ScegliAuto

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by ScegliAuto

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