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Peugeot 307 - Video tutorial

Model: Peugeot 307 MK 1 - Years 2001-2009
Part: Lock
Operation: How to replace the front door lock on a Peugeot 307

In today's video tutorial we will see the main instructions on how to disassemble and replace the Peugeot 307 front door lock, in simple steps. First of all, we open the front door of our car and start disassembling and removing the door panel, unscrewing all the fixing screws; then we remove the lock module, unscrewing the further screws and disconnecting the electrical wiring, as illustrated in the video. At this point let's install the new lock, as well as its original spare part; apply the reverse procedure for reassembly!

Posted on 7 December 2022 by ScegliAuto

How to open the trunk lid from the inside on the Volkswagen Touran MK1

Let's see in this video how to open the tailgate of the trunk in an emergency, if it is blocked due to the non-working electric lock, on the first series Volkswagen Touran. First we get on the back of the car and remove the trunk curtain; then we recline the rear seats and remove the safety triangle, as shown in the video. At this point we are going to identify the rear hatch lock and press the small lever to unlock and open the hatch from the outside, as shown in the video!

Watch the video!

by ScegliAuto

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