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Volkswagen Polo (2009-2017 / MK V, Polov, 6R, Polo5, MK 5)
How to open the trunk hatch of a Volkswagen Polo?

Good morning, today's goal is to correctly open the rear trunk of our Volkswagen Polo. Let's start by getting out of the car. Then, we will need to press the …read all…
Posted on 18 February 2024 by ScegliAuto
Fiat Panda (2003-2012 / 169, MK 2)
How to dismantle the interior panel of the Fiat Panda 169.

In this video, we see how to disassemble the front door panel of the Fiat Panda 169. There are two screws on the interior lock, one under the armrest, and two …read all…
Posted on 11 February 2024 by ScegliAuto
Toyota Corolla (2000-2007 / MK 2)
How to replace the driver's door on the Toyota Corolla?

In this tutorial, we can see how to replace the driver's door in the Toyota Corolla, an extremely simple and fast operation. Before doing this, we will have to …read all…
Posted on 10 February 2024 by ScegliAuto
Citroen C4 Picasso (2006-2013 / MK 1)
How to replace the rear handle of the Citroen C4 Picasso.

Replacing the tailgate opening switch on a Citroen C4 Picasso requires some basic mechanical skills and can be done by following the following general steps: …read all…
Posted on 8 February 2024 by ScegliAuto
Fiat 500 (2014-2022 / 500x)
How to solve the problem of vibration in the rear door panels on a Fiat 500x?

In this video, we see how to solve a problem that occurs quite often, which is the noisy vibrations on the Fiat 500x. Our YouTuber has identified the source of …read all…
Posted on 4 February 2024 by ScegliAuto
BMW Serie 3 (2012-2019 / F31, F30)
Disassembly of the rear door of the BMW 3 Series

The instructions provided in this guide will show us the process of disassembling and replacing the rear door of the BMW 3 Series. First, we open the rear door …read all…
Posted on 30 January 2024 by ScegliAuto
Renault Master (2010-2023 / MK 3)
How to adjust the side door of the Renault Master.

After many uses, it may happen that the side door of the Renault Master van does not close properly or comes off the track. In these cases, it is necessary to …read all…
Posted on 23 January 2024 by ScegliAuto
Jeep Renegade (2014-2023 / 520, MK 1, BU)
Guide to replacing the front door of the Jeep Renegade.

The main steps today will show us how to disassemble and replace the front door of the Jeep Renegade. First, we open the front door and start disconnecting the …read all…
Posted on 22 January 2024 by ScegliAuto
Mercedes Sprinter (2006-2018 / MK 2, W906)
Adjustment of the sliding door of the Mercedes Sprinter W906

In this video, we see how to adjust and repair the sliding door of a Mercedes Sprinter W906 version. The door must be adjusted to slide along the body without …read all…
Posted on 15 January 2024 by ScegliAuto
Lancia Ypsilon (2011-2023 / 846, Ypsilon3, MK 3, Y3)
How to remove the door panel from a Lancia Ypsilon

In this video, we see how to remove the panel from the door of a Lancia Ypsilon. First, we remove all the screws, starting from the top where the lock and the …read all…
Posted on 23 December 2023 by ScegliAuto

How to open the trunk lid from the inside on the Volkswagen Touran MK1

Let's see in this video how to open the tailgate of the trunk in an emergency, if it is blocked due to the non-working electric lock, on the first series Volkswagen Touran. First we get on the back of the car and remove the trunk curtain; then we recline the rear seats and remove the safety triangle, as shown in the video. At this point we are going to identify the rear hatch lock and press the small lever to unlock and open the hatch from the outside, as shown in the video!

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