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Fiat Seicento - Video tutorial

Model: Fiat Seicento MK 1 - Years 1998-2010
Part: Timing belt
Operation: Replacing the timing belt on a Fiat 600

Let's get ready to replace the timing belt on a Fiat 600. We lift the car on a column bridge; we remove the front wheel, and the right wheel rocker. Once these operations have been carried out, we remove the belt cover panel (we remove the sensor). With a suitable fixed wrench we loosen the second belt tensioner and remove the belt from its seat. After having mounted the new belt, with a fixed wrench we go to assemble the belt tensioner roller, we stretch until we have the right belt tension (we assemble the two belts). Finally we check the belt tensioner and the belt itself, we tighten everything with the socket wrench.

Posted on 26 November 2023 by ScegliAuto

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How do I remove the panoramic sunblind on the Volkswagen Tiguan?

In order to remove the Volkswagen Tiguan panoramic curtain, you have to remove the plastic covers, accessible by opening the tailgate of the luggage compartment; they are all secured with clips that must be opened. The roof must then be fully opened with the relative command and all the 25 torx screws located on the sides of the roof must be removed. Then you will have to close the glass and remove it, in order to loosen the 20 torx screws that secure the curtain. It will also be necessary to loosen some screws accessible from the boot: once the awning has been removed, it will be possible to replace it together with the roof and fix all the parts again.

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