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Ford Focus - Video tutorial

Model: Ford Focus MK 1 - Years 1998-2004
Part: Oil pan
Operation: How to replace the oil pan on ford focus

Let's see how to remove and replace the oil pan of a Ford Focus engine. We lift the car on a column bridge and (placing it at the preferred height) unscrew the plug pin of the oil pan with a socket wrench, let the liquid flow into a container (for disposal) and screw the pin back on. We unscrew all the lateral plastics that fix the under engine with a battery or hand drill, then, we unscrew the locking pins placed around the perimeter of the oil sump. After removing the pins on the sump: we detach it from the engine block together with the gasket by levering with a screwdriver. We clean everything and reassemble the new piece.

Posted on 15 August 2022

How to replace the pollen filter on a Peugeot 2008

How to replace the pollen filter mounted inside the engine compartment of a Peugeot 2008? Let's see in this video how to disassemble the filter placed in the dedicated housing. With a screwdriver we unscrew the screws of the plastic coating placed under the front windshield, then, with a lever, remove the filter holder cover (where the air filter is present). Remove the cap from the filter holder with a screwdriver and extract the cabin filter. We insert a new filter making it adhere well around the walls of the box. Finally we reassemble the filter box cap and tighten the screws. We close the bonnet after maintenance.

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by ScegliAuto

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